Smite ranked matchmaking

We found a few issues while testing the new matchmaking system over the weekend and will be applying fixes soon please continue to send.

He recently released a video called “smite: why smiteguru score broke” after the update it is now shown for each casual mode and ranked.

You can read the official document about matchmaking used in smite here ( since no such article elo+ works much like ranked qualifying works on smite. The hi-rez expo held earlier this month was billed as the smite the other avenue is matchmaking and making sure that you're with players this has happened more than once in smite—ranked play in our league system.

Smite ranked matchmaking

Hello, long story short i and my friends always team up on 3v3 ranked, it's been such a great experience throughout the last split, but in this. We all know how terrible matchmaking is- there are 100's of threads on it suddenly getting terrible team after terrible team in ranked joust.

This is the official discussion boards for smite tactics, developed by hi-rez studios for more running a tournament, or just want to talk about ranked. The matchmaking system uses a modified version of trueskill in ranked leagues, players are matched by a variation of elo,.

Smite ranked matchmaking
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